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To conclude the exhibition Art on Display 1949-69, Guus Beumer and Aric Chen will talk to the curators, Penelope Curtis and Dirk van den Heuvel, about what the show’s seminal designs by Carlo Scarpa, Aldo van Eyck, Lina Bo Bardi, Alison and Peter Smithson and others say about the role of exhibitions in addressing the urgencies of our times.

14:00 – 15:00

Join the Sunday Stroll on 13 December and explore the exhibition Art on Display 1949-69 with detour guide, artist and lawyer Shahaila Winklaar. Together with Shahaila, we will investigate how Art on Display draws our attention to the way artworks are presented, rather than to the artworks themselves.  

14:00 – 15:00

On Sunday 22 November, Semm Capella is our detour guide to the exhibition Art on Display, which focuses on the way art is presented. Usually, we concentrate on the artworks on show, paying little attention to how they are shown. During this Sunday Stroll, Semm will investigate this experience, and will share his opinion on the presentation of art.


The opening of Art on Display 1949-69 on 3 October consisted of a full-day programme with a number of salons that welcomed a variety of guests for discussions about exhibition design and other topics. Recordings of the salons are now available online. 

Penelope Curtis, Dirk van den Heuvel
jo taillieu architecten
Goda Budvytyte
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
LEVS architecten, WDJARCHITECTEN, Hubert-Jan Henket

Art on Display 1949-69 is part of a series of exhibitions consisting of 1:1 models that focus on the specific qualities of the interior at the intersection of architecture and design.